Start Here

For Kronometrix SaaS you need to have a Kronometrix account, a data subscription and an API token. The first thing is to open your account. You can use the system as much as you want for 30 days. After 30 days you can continue using our SaaS solution or not. To continue you can easily select a plan or a ready commercial package for your systems and applications. For more information please read this.

Open your account

Simple follow by providing your username and email address you plan to use. Fill in the rest of information, including your name, company and country. After these steps you should receive and see the following message. Check your email to confirm and activate your account.

Create your data subscription(s)

After you have an account you can easily create one or many data subscriptions from the main homepage. Please review and read what is a data subscription. Click New subscription and select the type of your subscription:

Information Technology

  • Computer Performance Data Subscription (CPD) - measures virtual and bare metal computer systems
  • End User Performance Data Subscription (EPD) - measures web and enterprise services as seen by your own customers. Can easily deploy on different geo locations
  • Data-Centre Performance Data Subscription (DPD) - measures the performance and availability of your ICT equipment and data centre utilities
  • Application Service Provider Performance Data Subscription (SPP) - measures the performance and availabilit of your application as a service, including operating systems, application and services, security certificates

Environmental Monitoring

For example, to capture data from one or many computer systems you need to have a  Computer Performance Data Subscription. To measure the performance of your web services outside your network, you need a End User Performance Data Subscription

Provision and See Your Data

After you have one or many data subscriptions and a valid token API you can configure your data recording package to provision and send data for analysis and visualization.